Education and Instruction

Most hospitality and culinary schools do not have an ongoing plan to improve instruction. By implementing peer evaluation, collaborative learning opportunities, recent technology developments as well as professional development we help educational institutes to offer premium learning opportunities for their students and clients.

Curriculum Review

Is your your curriculum relevant in comparison to the upcoming food and beverage and hospitality trends of 2020? If not, we can review and make recommendations for incorporating important trends such as foraging, sustainable seafood, indigenous cuisine and more.

Industry Experts

We are well connected to industry experts who can enhance your curriculum with in-person demos and teachings. We can help arrange such guest chefs such as Chef JP Challet, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Chef Stephanie Izard, Chef Stuart Brioza and more, along with wine experts, food writers, food bloggers and more.


The business of running a culinary school can be daunting. We can analyze your operations and provide solutions to increase profits. We will let you know what’s working, what’s not working, what’s missing, and provide a roadmap for implementing our recommendations.

Global Network

Extensive links to leading culinary institutions around the globe, including Europe, Asia, South America and more. We can help you to increase your educational experience and career options for students and alumni by connecting you to our global network.


Providing many levels of leadership coaching, from annual or quarterly reviews to in-depth regular check-ins. We can empower you and your faculty to develop strong communication, confidence, and performance skills that will be reflected in your day-to-day operations and have a positive ripple effect on your students and clients.